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ZOOM H6 Handheld Audio Recorder for DSLRs!

By Pye Jirsa on June 15th 2013


ZOOM has announced a great new handheld recorder that’s capable of recording 4 channels internally, and can extend to record 6 channels; in this way they’re advertising it as the world’s first portable 6 track recorder.  Each channel has its own custom controls, as you’d expect from a professional recorder.

Specifically, each XLR input has its own gain control, pad switch, phantom power setting, and 3 different voltage options.

The Recorder allows a variety of different devices to connect to it, such as a boom mic and the 2 XLR extension capsule.

Video is becoming increasingly popular and efficient for DSLR cameras, and this is something that I think is very worthwhile for a videographer.  Is this something you’d use in your own work?  What specifically would you use it for?

The ZOOM H6 is available for $399.99 pre-order on B&H and will be available in July!

[Via PopPhoto]

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