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Zeiss to Announce New ‘Loxia’ Line of Lenses For Sony E-Mount

By Anthony Thurston on August 25th 2014

Some big news is coming down the pipe for Sony A7 shooters. In a new rumor posted today, it was revealed that Zeiss will be announcing a new line of lenses, called “Loxia,” specifically for Sony Full Frame E-Mount cameras.


According to the rumor, posted over on Sony Alpha Rumors, the new line of lenses will be native full frame e-mount lenses, and will be 100% Zeiss. They will not be Zeiss branded lenses, like others in the Sony lineup. They will be designed and manufactured by Zeiss themselves. This also means the price will be that of “normal” Zeiss glass, so start saving your pennies.

Details also include that the lenses will have physical aperture rings, will be manual focus (not surprising given the manufacturer), and will be primes. They will also feature some sort of high quality, but small and compact design. The rumor states that we should expect to see these released over the next 12 months.

Overall, this is great news for A7 series owners! You are getting more native e-mount lenses!


What are your thoughts on this new Zeiss rumor? Do you think this is a good thing for Sony A7 series shooters? Leave a comment below!

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]

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  1. Kyle Farris

    Dang, I was really hoping these would be auto-focus. This is coming from a video guy too… the Sony A7S can already take pretty much any full-frame lens ever made… including Zeiss. Not sure why, other than size, I would be tempted to buy these. Damn shame, really, even though I’m sure these lenses will be quite stellar.

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  2. Austin Swenson

    While I am glad that Zeiss is investing into the E-mount line with a bunch of native prime lenses, I certainly don’t think that the lenses branded with the Zeiss name on Sony are anything to sneeze at… The 35 and 55mm primes they have a ridiculously good, and they 24-70 f4 is really quite good as well.

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  3. Rafael Steffen

    Looks like Sony is investing it big to make the the A7 line become a professional second câmera choice.

    | |
  4. Pete McWade

    As much as I’d like to have a Zeiss Lens (some day soon) I think it would be better to have fast native auto function lenses available for the A7 line of cameras. I have some excellent fast primes from days gone by and just use a simple adapter for them. I see no real need to have native primes if all you’re doing is manual shooting. You can utilize the world of excellent used primes and adaptors. What we need are some excellent auto/manual Primes and Zooms from the top lens companies for these cameras. The Sony Zeiss lenses are excellent but I long for faster auto lenses for my A7R.

    | |
  5. Connor Katz

    “…will be manual focus…” Yawn.
    I know the a7 series has focus peaking but I almost never use it. Not having autofocus on a lens, especially one you have to pay a premium for is just lame.

    | |
  6. Steven Pellegrino

    Every other day I’m seeing new things coming out for the a7 line and I’m getting closer to jumping to Sony from my Fuji’s!

    | |
  7. Jose Lopez Moreno

    Ohh yes! This sounds awesome!

    | |