We are so excited to have reached and surpassed the 100k mark for subscribers on YouTube! If you don’t subscribe to our YouTube channel, drop everything you’re doing right now and head over there – don’t worry, I’ll wait for you…

Now that the new Photography 101 Workshop DVD and the Smoke Texture pack have been completed (check them out in the SLR Lounge store here), we’ve had some time to create some new video content for your viewing pleasure. Below are some of the most popular videos from our YouTube channel from the last few weeks: we’ve pitted 2 cameras against each other to see if you can spot the difference between an image taken with a $800 kit and an image taken with a $5400 kit; we’ve thrown in some tips on retouching; and we’ve been discussing lenses and gear in our popular Gear Talk series. Here are 3 of our most popular ones from November, so check them out!

1. $800 (Rebel) vs $5400 (Mark III) | Can You Tell The Difference?


Just a few days ago, we released a comparison video that caused some heated debate from the community. Does what gear you use really matter? Can you tell the difference between two images – one taken with a Canon Rebel and the other with a 5D Mark III? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

2. DSLR vs Mirrorless Gear Talk 7


Pye and Cha debate which is better. Both tried the Sony A7R and only one of them sold all his Canon gear and made the switch for good. See why one chose to stay with his DSLR, while the other fully embraced the Mirrorless.

3. Photoshop Healing Cloning Quick Tip


In this tutorial, Pye shows us a helpful and quick tip when healing and cloning inside of Photoshop. Check out the video and article below to see how he non-destructively edits an image inside Photoshop!


There’s more…we’ve released videos about our brand new Photography 101, the 2015 Bahamas workshop, photographing fog and smoke and more! So, if you’re bored at work today and have a few moments to further your photography education, be sure to spend some time on our YouTube channel. I won’t tell.

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