Most professionals do their editing on their computer before uploading anything to the web. Color Processing, Slow Motion, Effects rendering are all usually done in a program like After Effects. As if crazy YouTubers did not need any more encouragement, Youtube recently announced new slow motion tools added to the services video editing arsenal.


That is right, you can now be excited to see tons of horribly edited slow motion footage from people who don’t know any better. That is not to say it’s not a cool feature, and in the right circumstances I may even stoop so low as to use such a feature. But let’s be real, anyone with anything worth watching is going to have done their editing and processing before uploading the video to youtube.

I can see this being useful to people who copy sports games and want to do their own slow motion replays on the fly, or people trying to slow down action to something they filmed with their camera phone. But as I said, %90 of anything worth watching should never be touched by Youtube’s build in editor. Anyways, you can check out some demonstration video below.

Normal Speed

Slow Motion

[via POP Photo]