We have featured Steve Perry’s wonderful Youtube videos before, and over the holiday weekend he came out with a new one that we thought would be worth sharing. We have all heard the term “Zoom with Your Feet” before, and in this video, Steve shares how to get the right perspective and field of view in your images, and why “Zoom with Your Feet”┬áis a flawed saying.

I have heard photographers talk about “Zooming with Their Feet” so they can use this lens or that lens, because the lens they want to use they don’t have. The fact is though, that really, as Steve demonstrates in his video, it is a very flawed way of thinking. Just look at the image below, a screen grab from the video above, Steve “zoomed with his feet,” yet the shots are wildly different.

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The fact is that different lenses have different fields of view. You are never going to be able to get the same shot with a telephoto lens that you got with your wide angle. You may be able to get close if you are trying to do so with somewhat similar focal lengths, say within 10mm or so, but you will never get the same shot at 400mm that you got with a 35mm – no matter how far you step back.

I don’t know about you, but this video was a little eye opening for me. I was definitely of the “zoom with your feet” mindset, and after watching this video I feel a little silly. The video makes perfect sense, and I had sort of a “Duh!” moment after I got it. If I was thinking this way, then I know that many of you out there were thinking like that as well. Hopefully, you found this video as interesting and informative as I did.

What are your thoughts on this? Was this video eye opening to you? Leave a comment below!

[via Steve Perry’s Youtube]