Selfies. I can’t even type the word without an inner eye roll. The term conjures up duck faces, Kardashians, and people in their underwear photographing themselves in their bathroom mirrors. Now, I’ll admit that I’ve taken a few selfies in my day, and that’s actually a good thing, according to master Headshot photographer, Peter Hurley.



Wait, what? Selfies, or self-portraits, are actually a good exercise for photographers to practice. In the following video from CreativeLive, Peter explains all the things you can learn when taking self-portraits, which is why he encourages them. Peter talks about how he sets up his camera with the self-timer and lights in the studio, and takes his own portraits. He then examines how he moves his face and what it looks like when he does. He closes by saying that a portrait photographer’s job is to be the mirror for your clients and what better way than to understand how the face looks with certain movements.

Many of us mirror poses so our clients can know how to sit, how to stand, etc., but even the subtle nuances of facial movement should be mirrored for our clients as well. This is how Peter has learned techniques like the popular, “Squinch” and how to angle the jawline for a strong headshot that he is so well known for. This is an excerpt from Peter’s “The Headshot” master class on CreativeLive.

Peter Hurley on the Importance of Self Portraits

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