Yongnuo is a bit of an enigma to me. On one hand, I absolutely love their speedlights and radio triggers for their overall reliability and very low costs. But, on the other hand, you have things like the Yongnuo 50mm F/1.4, an obvious clone of the Canon 50mm F/1.4.



It seems that our favorite Chinese brand is at it again; instead, this time, they are knocking off the Canon 50mm F/1.8. It looks like the Canon (minus the branding, of course), in every way. What is worse, they are selling it on Amazon for $69, just a little over half the price of the Canon model.

Yongnuo YN50mm F/1.8 Lens ‘Features’

  • Auto Focus or Manual
  • 2 Inches in Length
  • 0.15 Magnification
  • 46 Degree Maximum Angle of View
  • 6 Elements in 5 Groups
  • Accepts 52mm Filters
  • View-angle Coverate Diagonal 46 Degree
  • Vertical 27 Degree
  • Horizontal 40 Degree
  • Lens Structure 5 sets, 6 pieces
  • Minimum Aperture F/22
  • Minimum Focusing Distance 0.45m
  • Maximum Magnification and Sight Range 0.15X / 160x240mm ( when the distance is 0.45m )
  • Filter Diameter / Auantity Available 52mm / 1
  • Maximum Diameter and Length 73*55mm


Personally, I think it is funny that they chose the ONE super affordable Canon lens to knock off. I mean, really, why not rip off a nicer lens, something people can’t just run to the local shop and find for $100. Baby steps, I guess.

I wonder how long until Canon gets this shut down. I can’t imagine it would take much to prove these are virtually identical products, or at the very least that the Yongnuo is breaching a Canon lens patent. Then again, Chinese courts are notorious for siding with Chinese companies…

[via Photo Rumors]