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Yongnuo Says New RF-603 II Coming Soon

By Anthony Thurston on August 20th 2013

Budget photography accessory manufacturer Yongnuo revealed today that an update to their wildly popular RF-603 radio triggers can be expected to be released later this month. This is great news for fans of the low budget triggers, who have gained popularity due to their reliability and price vs more expensive options such as radio poppers and pocket wizards.


The new radio transceiver, which Yongnuo has dubbed the RF-603 II, will make many updates over the old RF-603s including “higher sync speed, locking ring, and improved flash/shutter control”. All of which were popular customer requests for improvements to the RF-603s.

These new triggers, which Yongnuo has started calling their flagship trigger product, are expected to be released next month. Unfortunately that is as much information as has been made available so far. But Yongnuo will be making a formal announcement with full product details prior to the launch, so stay tuned.

What are your thoughts on this? What other improvements to the RF-603 triggers would you like to see? Let us know in a comment below.

[via Lighting Rumors]


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  1. Chuck Eggen

    Yongnuo just continues to produce decent quality stuff that the working person can afford. May not be the best but it’s certainly not the worst.

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  2. Chris

    Whats the status? Release date?

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  3. curtis

    Make the TEST FLASH BUTTON while the trigger is off camera.

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  4. Graham Short

    Features for the RF603 II: I’d like to see a locking nut for a secure connection, I’d also like to see an innovative interchangeable hot shoe system, where it comes with a selection of attachable hot shoe connectors making one product that fits all hotshoe types. A higher sync speed would obviously be great. I wouldn’t expect iTTL or eTTL functionality in a model at this price range. I would like to see an increased maximum distance for the receiver to receive the signal from the trigger, and if it came supplied with rechargeable high capacity batteries that would be ace!

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  5. Chad McKinney

    Interested in new RF603n but they need to change the on/off switch and make the remote shutter cable more reliable. Looks like they addressed the other issue of the RF603 falling off the camera by puttting a screw mechanism on them. Absolutely frustrating to be shooting and then no flash b/c the rf603 has backed off the hot shoe a little.

    Look forward to seeing them.


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  6. TOM

    Love the originals! Just let down by some basic design flaws such as position of the on/off switch and no locking screw ( i use an elastic band to hold it on the camera). Just as dependable and do the same job as radio triggers 5 times the price.

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  7. James

    Must have a lock nut!!! mine keeps falling off the camera and/or cold shoe. I upgraded to the 622’s and will sell the 603’s…

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  8. PixelPurfect

    It would be a much better product if there was full ETTL pass through on the hot shoe. The Canon ST-E3 won’t work sitting on top of the 603. :o(

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  9. Dawid Rychel

    I don’t know if it would be technically possible but I would be more than happy if I could attach my speedlight on top of the RF-603c on my camera and having a full support with my body.
    There are situations when i want to turn off the receiver. Unfortunatelly if speedlight is attached to it, it’s mission impossible. Changing design would be a good idea. Perhaps left or right side would be more practical.
    Lastly I couldn’t shoot remotely using shutter release function. I bought a canon version but in the box there was only a shutter cable with mini jack on both sides. In Canon 5D mkII there is a RS-80N3 port. So i have to buy another cable

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  10. Hugo Sousa

    Change the place of the on/off button, when the flash is on the triger is very dificult to change this.
    The chanel’s button’s on the outside of the trigger!!! That would be outstanding

    Very good trigger’s for the price!!!

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  11. timarts

    that sounds great! I hope they’re backwards compatible with the version 1. Another feature I’m interested but maybe impossible is a TTL pass-through. I am currently using 2 pairs of RF-603s for nikon with my nikon dslr system and a pair of RF-603s for canon which I use with my fuji X20.

    yes, the canon version works fuji X series cameras because they have similar TTL hotshoe layout.

    what I really like about the current RF-603s is that the canon and nikon version can trigger/be triggered by each other as long as they’re in the same channel. meaning I could use the canon version on my fuji X20 and a nikon version on my D300s, and they can both trigger the same set of flashes regardless of which version is attached to the flashes.

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  12. Aggelos Loukatos

    A Sony version!

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  13. Paul Monaghan

    I would love some pentax support.

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