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Yongnuo RF-603 II Triggers Announced

By Anthony Thurston on December 16th 2013

Yongnuo has finally responded to many of the complaints of its wildly popular RF-603 radio flash triggers. Today they announced a new and improved version of the RF-603, simply called the RF-603 II.


Among the main improvements over the original RF-603 trigger set is the addition of a friction locking wheel and locking pin. The original model was plagued by not having one and that was probably the most complained about drawback of the budget triggers. In addition to the new locking wheel the new RF-603 II triggers offers improved “self checking” and mode switch.

The RF-603 II triggers will come with a Canon and Nikon specific version for flash wake-up. Otherwise, just as the original RF-603, the RF-603 II‘s are completely manual triggers. As for price, they remain one of the cheapest options available ($30-40 depending on the store) to anyone looking to get into the remote flash game on the cheap.

Yongnuo RF-603 II Specifications

  • Type: FSK 2.4GHz wireless remote control system
  • Transmission distance: 100 ft
  • Channels: 16 channels
  • Shutter release: half-press, full-press
  • Shutter interface: 2.5mm socket
  • Studio flash light interface: standard PC socket
  • Max Sync Speed: 1/320 second
  • Battery: AAA x 2(3V)

You can learn more about these triggers from the Yongnuo website, and if you like what you see and would like to purchase a few you can find them on Amazon here.

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Ron

    Been using the old version and i havent had a missed fire, now i bought 2 of this new version…
    Yes they are compatible with the previos 603

    | |
  2. Jojo

    As far as manual triggers go they are vastly more cost efficient than the PocketWizard’s version. When I see the PocketWizard Plus X selling for $85 for ONE transceiver I wonder…WHY???

    For that price I can get more than four of the 603s…backup for backups.

    | |
  3. Michael Rapp

    I’ve been using the 602s for quite some time, and the only complaints I had have been fixed now – the unaccessibility of the I/O- switch with the speedlight attached an the missing fixture ring.
    But asside from that, those remotes rock.
    If all you want is to fire your flashes remotely, no frills, no ttl, just plain you- push- the- button- the- flash- goes- off- remote technology, those triggers are worth every penny.

    | |
  4. NursultanTulyakbay

    I am assuming that these are compatible with the original 603’s?

    | |
  5. Barry

    One of the biggest improvements that you did not mention is moving the on/off switch to the side of the unit instead of the top where you could not reach it with a speed light flash attached to the hot shoe.

    | |
    • Jojo

      This is a complaint of mine too. Other than that they are rock-solid. Never had an issue with them.

      | |
  6. Chris Shelby

    We’ve been using the RF-603’s for a while. My biggest complaint is that they don’t have a transmit only mode… with the addition of a transmit only mode… looks like I’ll be making another purchase soon.

    | |
  7. Eric Pare

    This is what I have been using for a while for triggering my cameras, mainly for the small size, but there’s a slight delay when pressing the button (about 1/16 of a second), which get me some nasty results when doing light-painting. I wish this new version solves the problem…

    | |
  8. Dan

    They really should throw a few bucks at hiring an english speaking copywriter for their manuals and PR blurbs. There’s so many typos and nonsensical sentences in all their product descriptions/manuals it’s embarrassing.
    I have a couple of their flashes and triggers and they work pretty well once you figure them out.

    | |
  9. derek

    I do hope the range is greater than 100 cm’s…….

    | |