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Yongnuo Announces New YN-622 Control Units with LCD Screens

By Anthony Thurston on October 1st 2013

Yongnuo‘s YN-622 TTL compatible flash triggers are getting a really neat upgrade here in the near future. The company announced today that they will be releasing a new control unit for both their Canon and Nikon specific YN-622 radio triggers.


The new YN-622C-RX (Canon TTL) & YN-622N-TX (Nikon TTL) control units are improved 2.4ghz transmitters with AF assist IR  beams and new LCD screens for easier wireless flash control. This is a really neat upgrade for Yongnuo‘s flagship radio triggers, a nice upgrade that brings them into competition with much more expensive trigger systems like the PixelKing Pro, and Phottix Odin systems.

Previously YN-622 users on Canon had to control wireless flash units through the in camera menu, which worked but was slow and cumbersome. Nikon users had it even worse and had to memorize button sequences to push. Something had to change, and these new control units are Yongnuo‘s answer.

Sadly though the announcement of these new transmitters leave more questions than answers as there was no in depth feature list, pricing estimates, or even when they will be available. But even with small amount of information it seems that these are going to be pretty impressive additions to Yongnuo‘s already very popular YN-622 system.

What are your thoughts on these new LCD control units? Do they make the YN-622’s more appealing to you as a triggering system? Let us know in a comment below. 

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  1. Tony

    Can you please tell me if a YN-622C will activate a YN-622N.
    I have 4 x YN-622N already but now have a Canon 5D Mk3 that I want to remote operate my Nikon flashes with.

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  2. T Hall

    When will the Yn/RX be release for the Canon user>This will be perfect for me.Cause am still haven’t upgraded from the canon 30d.I can’t wait.

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  3. michael cook

    I used to use the Radio Poppers PX system. I recently bought 4 of the 622c, I really like them. They have great range, and they work with HSS. I like the new LCD screen although you lose a hotshoe mount. It looks like the st-e3, I wish YN would release a flash with the transciever built in like the Phottix Mitros+.

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  4. Jeff Behm

    As a 3 decades-long studio shooter, I often feel slow on the uptake of some newer digital tech, although I’ve been using Pocket Wizards since they came out. I also have some Paul Buff radio controls, but all of these units were dumb triggers. As I become more sold on speedlites for a lot of my work, an ETTL radio system that offered HSS seemed smart. After buying the YN622C’s for $154 for 4, I’m convinced it was really smart. These are great units! The only thing I wanted that they didn’t have was the LCD control panel like the Odin Phottix, but that would have been almost 3X as much. Now I hear YN is coming out with their own? Heaven!!

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  5. Mark

    I’m not very familiar with these. I’ve been using Nikon CLS to control my flashes. Would I be able to control individual flash output by using these?

    | |
    • Stan Rogers

      Not *individual* output, but group output, the same as the Nikon CLS. It would only be individual output if you have only one flash per group (again, the same as CLS). The big difference is that you don’t need line-of-sight, so your remote flashes can be around corners, in a different room, or behind a flag or flat.

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  6. Jan

    I have been using Yongnuo triggers for years, and they have never failed me. They are inexpensive, reliable and they have an incredible range. I would seriously look into these when they become available.

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  7. piXelRider

    Wow, it’s awesome! I’m using already their previous triggers and they’re really good (with Canon and Fuji x100s). If I’ll be able to set manual settings for every receiver it would be perfect solution for Fuji ;)

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    • Hiklassphotography

      I’ve always wondered about these. Thx for the comments. I keep looking but haven’t pulled the trigger yet on this brand thinking you get what you pay for but they have good reviews.

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  8. Sachin

    Thanks for pointing this out. I’d be curious to know if these work with the original 622C. That is if I can have a YN-622C-RX on either the camera or as the slave with the other being a regular 622C.

    | |
    • Tyrone Williams

      Yes, and no. It will work with your original 622C, but this is a transmitter,so will only work from the camera. The 622C (transceiver/ Transmits or receives) that you used on your camera will be freed up for another flash unit. You will have control from the top of the camera via the TX with LCD, but this does not have a TTL throughput, so you cannot fit a flash to this unit. I have 4 622Cs, and in future hope to upgrade to using the YN-622C-TX to further enhance this amazing system. Also, if you have other non-eTTL triggers hanging around, you could use the transmitter on the hotshoe of the 622C that would have gone on camera, and it can fire manual flashes for background/affect llighting. I use one of the 622Cs to run my iSHOOT triggers, which are attached to my studio strobes! (The iSHOOT connects to the strobe and is compatible with the high voltage trigger).

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