Canon’s new 600-RT speedlights are great, they combine Canon’s reliability with built in radio triggering. Unfortunately, they are also extremely expensive when compared to budget speedlights paired with radio triggers.


Yongnuo, a company known for their inexpensive speedlights and triggers, recently released their own knockoff of the Canon ST-E3-RT, a controller unit for the Canon 600-RT speedlights. Since that time, it has been rumored that Yongnuo was also in the works on their own knockoff version of the 600-RT speedlight. That rumor appears to have been confirmed by the company on their Facebook page. 

[REWIND: Yongnuo Announces First Third Party Canon RT Compatible Flash/Trigger]

“According to the latest news from the R&D department, the YN600EX-RT will be estimate released in ABOUT October, 2014 if in smooth progress. We hope it will perform well and worth being waited.”

The above quote, taken from the Yongnuo Facebook page, confirms the development of a YN-600EX-RT speedlight, which they think could be released sometime in October of this year, assuming the R&D continues smoothly. This could be huge news for budget photographers out there looking to get their hands on a speedlight with a similar performance and feature set to the Canon 600-RT‘s.

What are your thoughts on this news? Would you buy a Yongnuo 600RT knockoff, or are you inclined to stick to the more expensive Canon option?

[via Lighting Rumors]