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Yahoo Acquires iOS Photography App Maker

By Lee Sadler on June 12th 2013

Yahoo announced today via Twitter that they acquired Ghostbird Software, which will now be working directly with Yahoo’s Flickr team.

Ghostbird has previously developed two iOS photography apps; KitCam and PhotoForge. KitCam allows you to manually adjust the camera’s exposure, while PhotoForge is a post-processing service. Ghostbird has stated that they are not going to support these apps in the future, as they are moving ahead with Yahoo and will be focusing on their new Flickr app.


Ghostbird will develop a new, much more advanced Flickr App for the iOS and Android devices which would supposedly be complete with a somewhat advanced picture taking software.

See the Twitter message, and view Ghostbird’s official release.

This is a very interesting turn for Yahoo for two reasons. The first is that Yahoo seems serious about updating Flickr and keeping it fresh. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, this may give indication of Flickr’s future; is Flickr going to be even more tailored to amateurs now, or do they have something else up their sleeve for professionals?  Is iPhoneography going to take over the existing collection on the site?

On that note, remember Marissa Mayer’s comment on professional photography.  Write your thoughts below!


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