The X-T1 is currently Fujifilm’s crown jewel of the X-Series. It has the best specs and commands the highest price. Many prefer the X-T1’s SLR style to that of Fuji’s other rangefinder style cameras, but do not want to pay the premium for that design. If a new rumor is believed, a solution may be coming for that in the near future.


According to a new report over on Fuji Rumors, which according to the site has been confirmed by two sources (one new, and one that has been correct in the past), Fujifilm is working on a down spec’d version of the X-T1, which will be called the X-T10. The new body will feature that same SLR styling, lower specs, and more importantly for some, a lower price tag.

Unfortunately, that is where the info stops. We don’t have any idea what exactly is being dropped from the X-T1 to make the X-T10, but one would hope that the majority of the functionality would remain the same.

Personally, as an X-T1 user, depending on what they cut out, I would be very interested in a lower spec’d version of the X-T1 that I could use as my backup camera. That said, more important things on the list for me is an updated X-Trans sensor, improved EVF, and an actually usable video feature.

What about you guys? Would you like to see a cheaper X-T1 out there in the form of the X-T10? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Fuji Rumors]