A Message from Pye and Our Team: In Response to COVID-19

31 Oct 2020

This page is intended for SLR Lounge writers only. If you have stumbled upon this page on accident, the information on this page is probably not relevant to you.

Welcome to the writing team! Here’s a quick guide to get you started. If you have any questions along the way, please post it on the Writers Group or Email chris@slrlounge.com.


A – Title

A great title is clickable without being clickbait.  It includes the most interesting element(s) of the article content and sparks the reader’s interest.

A great title also includes keywords, words and phrases that a person might search in Google to discover your article.  If you’re new to SEO and would like more information on keywords, we recommend this resource by Moz.

If you need help with your title, please Slack or email one of our editors.

B – Permalink

The permalink is the URL of your article.  By default, your permalink is your title separated by dashes so most of the time, you can leave it as is.  If your title is too long, however, you may want to edit your permalink to eliminate unnecessary words.  Be sure to keep the main keywords in the permalink.


If your title is the following:

“The Ultimate Nikon D850 Real World Review for Wedding Photographers”

You may want to consider trimming the permalink to the following:


C- Introduction

Start your article strong with an understanding that most users don’t finish an entire article.  Your 1st sentence should be catchy and appeal directly to the needs of the reader.  Within the first paragraph, your reader should understand what they are going to read and why it’s important to them.

D – H2 and H3

Your use of H2 and H3 Tags will help you organize your content and make it easier to read. Use anywhere between 2-6 headers in any article.

E – Bullet Points

Use bullet points (ul) or numbers (ol) to format your content when you have lists of gear, lists of tips, or other lists of major points in your article.

Note: In the conclusion of your article, using bullet points to summarize the major points is good SEO practice.  See the following example:


  • Write at least 2-3 Paragraphs (Target 200-300 words minimum)
  • Properly Name Images
  • Insert Images and/or Video
  • Insert Affiliate Links for any products that you Mention (email chris@slrlounge.com for instructions)
  • Add [via] links for any rehashes (Photo/Video Credits – Names and Links)
  • Select Featured Image
  • Add Relevant Tags
  • Add a Catchy Yet Descriptive Title
  • Spell & Grammar Check your Writing

Setting Your Avatar and Profile

Setting Your Avatar and Profile – Please log into your WordPress account and click on the “edit my profile” button in the top right corner. The Biographical Info is the part that will be displayed at the bottom of your posts. The thumbnail used is whatever image is associated to your email according to gravatar. Please register your email there to display a thumbnail.

Writing Your Bio – Your Bio should be 3-5 Sentences and include two links of your choice. To link your website, please use the following format. <a href="http://www.yourwebsite.com" target="_blank">Your Visible Text</a>.

When listing your website:

1) Use “<ul><li></li></ul>” so that each site falls on a different line (see image)
2) use the abbreviated versions of the websites (do not list the full “http://www”)
3) use “target=”_blank” so that your links open in a new window

Posting Procedures


Image Count – Keep in mind that our primary audience is fellow photographers, a very visual group. Every article needs at least 1 image. Most should have around 3-5.

Image Naming – To properly name your images, please use straightforward concise keywords in the following format “keyword-keyword2-keyword3.jpg” For example “wedding-photography-tutorial.jpg” or “Canon-vs-Nikon-Comparison.jpg” We should never see IMG0293.jpg or any obscure naming. Click here for more info on proper naming conventions.

Image Dimensions – Images should be 650px wide. Resize them so that Image may be smaller but not larger or else they will hang off the page. The featured image (the one used for the featured slider on the front page and also the same image used as a thumbnail for the article MUST be in a 4×6 Landscape format or else it throws the formatting of parts of the site off.

Image Linking – Be sure your images do not link to anything.

Alt Text

Be sure to include something between the Alt Text quotes. You can do this upon upload or manually. The alt text can be exactly the same as the keyworded image name you come up with.

Upon Upload:

To insert after upload, simply write the alt text in between the quotes in the following alt=””

Featured Image
In the right column of the post page, you’ll see a “featured image” section with the link to “set featured image.” Please choose the best image from the article that is in a 4×6 format. This will be the image displayed in the slider on the front page as well as the thumbnails throughout the site.


Categories – Please place your article in up to two categories. As you check the categories, be sure to check the best sub-category as well as all its parent categories. Do NOT create our own categories.

Tags – Do not add unnecessary tags. Only use tags to label your article as part of a series. For example, put the words “how we shot it” in the tags of an article that would belong in this series.


Headers and Formatting

Headings– Please do not use H1 or H2 in your articles. Please use H3s for your section titles. For example, for the section title above “Formatting,” we used the following code <h3>Formatting</h3>

If you bold within a header (h4,h3, h2,h1) it will turn out funky.


Lists – Please use either ul or ol for your lists. If you need help, please see the wordpress guide to lists.

Blockquotes – If you would like to highlight a quote in your article, please use the following <blockquote>Your Quote</>

This results in the following: blockquote

Our WordPress uses a default URL of the title, but removes certain elements that it deems superfluous (a, an, etc).  If you’re scheduling your Facebook posts or Sharing Links before publishing, you will often copy the wrong link.  To solve this, please use the shortlink”  See Image below.  This link will always remain constant, regardless of changes made to the url.


Hub Article Toolbox & apple news


By default, please check the “1st slot” option.   This makes your article the featured image on the site until the next article goes up.

By default, also check “Main” in the Apple News options.


To post directly to Twitter, enter in your tweet in the box.

By default, enter the following:

#title# #url#

This uses the title and the url of your article as the tweet.  Add in any relevant hashtags from there.  If you want a tweet different than the title, exclude #title# and add in your own custom text.



How Do I Add a Poll?


When embeding a vimeo video, drop the last <p> section:


Additional (superseded) Resources

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Note that the video below is based on the old system. Though some aspects will still apply to the current version of the site.

Before and After PSD Templates

Download: 650×650 Before and After Template

Writing and Formatting Using a How You Shot It Article Example

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Note that the video below is based on the old system. Though some aspects will still apply to the current version of the site.

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