WPPI is upon us. In less than one week, about 15,000 – 20,000 wedding and portrait photographers will be embarking on an unsuspecting Las Vegas for a week of superb teaching from some of the greatest educators, an overwhelmingly large trade show expo, and shenanigans galore.


What is WPPI?

If you don’t know what WPPI is or are on the fence about whether you should attend, if you are a wedding or portrait photographer, this is the place to be next week! WPPI is one of the larger conferences for photographers. Read Trevor’s post with nine tips for a successful WPPI if you are planning on attending.

First Time at WPPI?

If you are first timer, be read for just about anything and don’t expect to sleep. First of all, it’s VEGAS. Secondly, there are events, parties, and networking opportunities around every corner every night. In the day, there are hundreds of classes and Photo walks, photo shoots in the desert, and the trade show floors to explore. Read my article for first-timers here.


SLR Lounge Team at WPPI

If you are going to WPPI, we would love to meet up with you! This year, the partners – Pye Jirsa, Justin Lin and Chris Lin – will be attending the conference as well as myself and some of the writing team, including Trevor Dayley, Alicia D’Amico, Miguel Quiles, Amii and Andy Kauth, Chad DiBlasio and Easton Reynolds. We will be walking around the trade show floor with our SLR Lounge shirts on during the day and in our party shoes at night. If you spot us, please say hi!

In addition to walking all day and dancing all night, Pye will be speaking at a couple of booths (March 7th at 1:30 pm, you can find him at the Tiffen Booth #1007 and March 8th at 1:15 pm at the Profoto Booth #301) Alicia is hosting an underwater photo shoot, Trevor will be teaching a class and leading a Photo Walk and Miguel will be speaking at a few booths and leading a Photo Walk. Check out the schedule for everyone here.

Register for WPPI

You can register for WPPI on their website here. Most years (before I worked here), I would just get a free trade show pass from an exhibiting company and just walk the show, do the photo shoots and go to the parties. To find companies giving out free trade show passes, search on Google or Twitter; there are plenty).

Choose which option works best for you, but don’t miss out! If you’re going, comment below so we can be on the lookout for you!