If you were fortunate enough to attend WPPI 2015 this year, you’re probably still catching up on sleep, some of you are sick from all the close contact and germs, but likely, you are inspired and ready to kick butt for your photo business. This year, we sent three teams out to WPPI – one to cover the show, one to glean all the info we could and the last to launch our new sister company.

For the past several years, we’ve had a booth to showcase one of our sister companies, UNDFIND camera bags. This year, our booth served a different purpose. We were excited to debut a new image delivery service that we freshly launched just a few days before WPPI began, Cloudspot. But don’t worry if you were expecting to pick up an UNDFIND bag, you can still do so at trade show prices here. Our WPPI specials have been extended for another week so make sure to take advantage of it.

We also had a full crew of writers representing SLR Lounge pumping out articles and keeping you guys up-to-date on all the interesting gear and companies we came across. The third group included several of our Lin & Jirsa photographers and post-producers who attended WPPI to learn and evolve.

Gavin Wade, creator of Cloudspot. Photo Cred: Emily Cariaga


If you haven’t gotten a chance to familiarize yourself with Cloudspot, you can check out our initial posting here. Cloudspot is an image delivery service conceptualized by Gavin Wade. Our studio, Lin & Jirsa Photography, hopped onto the project and partnered with Gavin to finish development and after several months, we’re excited to show you guys its capabilities.


One of our Cloudspot representatives, David. Photo Cred: Emily Cariaga

The Cloudspot booth also featured some extremely talented photographers that spoke and answered questions for everyone. Our very own, Pye Jirsa, was one of the speakers along with Sam Hurd, Logan Cole, Tyler Branch, Dylan Howell, and Sara Bryne.

Pye Jirsa, our editor in chief. Photo Cred: Emily Cariaga

SLR Lounge

The SLR Lounge writers, Hanssie, Kish, Tanya, Anthony and Jay were out in full force covering the event and bringing you guys up-to-date info on all the interesting things they encountered. They roamed the tradeshow floor, attended the platform classes, met with the manufacturers and spoke face to face with the vendors. From new gear, helpful services, and useful platform speakers, they covered as much of the event as possible.

There are more articles coming from the event, but you can read what they’ve posted so far here.

SLR Writers, not pictured cinematographer: Logan Alesso

One of our writers, Jay Cassario, teamed up with two other photographers, Spanki Mills and Jared Rey, for a shoot out at Red Rock Canyon. With a heavy schedule of meetings, writing articles on the spot and leaving enough time to socialize at night, how Jay found time for a shoot was remarkable. This is just a small example of the possibilities that WPPI offers us photographers. Jay came home with a few gems including the shot below captured with a Sony A7II and a Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux Lens.

Photo Cred: Jay Cassario
Photo Cred: Jay Cassario of Cass Imaging

Lin & Jirsa Photography

The third team, which we were a part of, was a handful of our Lin & Jirsa photographers and post-producers, many of them attending WPPI for the first time as students. All of us had several classes we wanted to attend, but with several scheduling conflicts, we divided and conquered. Some of us attended class “X”, while others went to class “Y”. We reconvened for meals and chatted about what we learned, the products we were sold on and what we could take away from the platform class experience.

Lin & Jirsa photographers. Photo Cred: Emily Cariaga

Overall, there were two speakers that stood out above the rest, Jerry Ghionis and Susan Stripling. We found both of those speakers to be extremely inspirational and their work did enough of the convincing to capture our full attention. Jerry Ghionis demonstrated how to shoot in direct sunlight, while Susan Stripling discussed her creative steps while giving us an extremely motivational 90 minute talk without selling a single product. As we finished each class, we found ourselves eager to apply the techniques we learned and as the conference wrapped up, we left galvanized, encouraged and excited to start the wedding season.


The main thing our teams took away from the event as a whole is the inspiration that precipitated from our experience. Being intertwined with several talented photographers, seeing and touching the new products, conversing with the vendors, meeting the other industry leaders, and browsing the print competition as we traveled through the main hall, all of which were catalysts to increase our passion for the craft. Every year, we look forward to WPPI, every year we’re excited to see our photography families, and every year our creative drives are fueled to do what we love doing.

Photo Cred: Andrew Kwak & Karen Capalaran

What experiences did you guys have in Las Vegas during WPPI? Did you attend a workshop? Was there a piece of gear or a vendor that wowed you? What was your favorite part of WPPI? Let us know in the comments below.

This article was co-written by Leujay Cruz & Emily Cariaga.