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WPPI 2012 – Vegas, Baby! (Pro Wedding & Portrait Photographers, Unite!)

By Matthew Saville on February 19th 2012


WPPI starts today!Well actually, for some it started a few days ago.But this is the REAL start!For those of you who don’t know, or maybe aren’t even into wedding / portrait photography at all, WPPI is the annual convention in Las Vegas for wedding and portrait photographers.

It starts off with a trade show, (tomorrow thru Wednesday, Feb 20-22) and Platform / MasterClass lecture classes.


• SUNDAY: (today!) Platform speakers & Masterclass speakers
Tonight at 7-11 PM is “Photographes Ignite”, a fast-paced presentation where various photographers give quick 5-minute talks about all the latest cool tricks, inspiration, etc.If you’ve never been before, don’t miss it!

• MONDAY: Trade Show, Platform speakers, & Masterclass speakers
Monday night is an event hosted by Sony, called the Sony Shootout.Details are a little vague, but it sounds pretty exciting.

• TUESDAY: Trade Show, Platform speakers, & Masterclass speakers
Tuesday night is a Canon-hosted reception / party.Great for networking, meeting friends, or just having a good time!

• WEDNESDAY: Trade Show, Platform speakers, & Masterclass speakers
Wednesday night is the Nikon-hosted awards ceremony.If you’ve never been to an awards ceremony before, you should go at least once!

THURSDAY: Platform classes


There are TONS of platform speakers you can see at WPPI, and just in case you still can’t decide, here’s a short list of a few speakers that could be very interesting to see…

• Doug Gordon
• Becker (A good friend, BRILLIANT at running a successful long-term photo biz)
• Jerry Ghionis
• Roberto Valenzuela (Great at helping people improve their photography)
• Jasmine Star
• Tamara Lackey
• Scott Robert Lim (My personal mentor, and one of the greatest teachers of our time)
• Mike Colon
• Jeremy Cowart
• Rodney Lough Jr (Yes that’s right, one of the greatest landscape photographers of our time is at WPPI!)
• Justin & Mary Mrantz
• Joe Photo (Another good friend, great at connecting with high-end planners and venues)

…Of course if you’re attending WPPI and you have your own favorite speakers that you’re checking out, please mention them!Also, if you aren’t going to WPPI, don’t worry!SLR Lounge will have a full write-up on all of the major platform lectures, to come throughout the next few weeks.So check back often for that!


Here’s where you can get the full WPPI 2012 schedule:


If you decide at the last minute to hit up the trade show tomorrow thru Wednesday, you might still be able to use thepromo code “WPPIEXF” whe you register at


Take care, and have fun!

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