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WPPI 2012 – Meet Some Of The SLR Lounge Crew! – Booth #1259

By Matthew Saville on February 21st 2012

Hey everybody!If you’re a wedding or portrait photographer, there is a good chance you’re in Vegas right now, attending WPPI.We already posted about what to check out as far as platform speakers etc. are concerned, but would you like to meet some of US?A bunch of us will be hanging out at the UNDFIND booth, including “Post Production Pye” and some of the other writers / editors.(I, Matthew Saville, am safe and sound back home.I’m really anti-social!:-P)

The SLR Lounge Crew, mostly made up of Lin &Jijrsa Photographers, have been testing the newest UNDFIND ONE Bag during this past wedding season with over 10 different photographers & associates at +100 weddings.With tons of real-world feedback on the ONE Bag, and top-secret testing of the new Waist Shooter bag that can be worn on your belt or over a shoulder, (but still with interchangeable covers!) …we’re really excited to go into the 2012 wedding season with our new gear!

They’ve even got customized covers now, check ’em out!You might recognize the logos of the one-and-only F-Stoppers, Kenny Kim, Barnet Workshops, and Lightroom Legend Art Suwansang.



(PS:For those of you photographers “stuck” at home in So Cal, keep an eye out on my Facebook Group, Socal Photog Shootout, for possible imprompty get-togethers this week and next!(The official PSO is this weekend, but is sold out.:-)

Take care!

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Matthew Saville is a full-time wedding photographer at Lin & Jirsa Photography, and a senior editor & writer at SLR Lounge.

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