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World Class Photographers & Digital Artists Take You Through The Creative Process

By Kishore Sawh on March 12th 2014


Design aficionados the world over are likely to be familiar with the TEN series put forth by Fotolia. It its 2 initial seasons, followers, or anyone in the public were granted access to resources and examples of work by some of the leading digital artists, in both areas of photography, and digital media manipulation. Essentially, once a month and for 24 hours, all interested could download a PSD file by a graphic artist and see how the images were done and manipulated; For 24 hours, once a month, creatives from around the world could download a PSD file created by an internationally renowned graphic artist, and discover how Fotolia’s images were interpreted and manipulated to create the design, via videos.

Now in it’s third season, TEN is keeping with its international resources and appeal by choosing artists from a different country. This time though, it’s done in pairs, with each internationally acclaimed artist from a different place to collaborate and make something truly unique. Most recent is a joint venture between Montreal photographer Eric Paré, a specialist in light painting, and Mike Campau, a seasoned and accomplished artist with a focus on retouching, design, and CGI.





Mike Campau is a University of Michigan graduate and has worked for brands and names such as Sony, Ford, and Pepsi, along with Mike Tyson, Roger Daltrey, and Tracy Morgan. Eric Paré is no stranger to popular names having worked together with the Timecode Lab Agency on works for Chevrolet and Dom Perignon.



From the start, it’s clear the two artists have quite different personalities, but they come together with mutual focus, and enthusiasm. In the video, we are afforded a glance at their personalities, artistic styles and influences, and to see the actual tools, methods, and mindsets that culminate in a striking creation. It’s easy to follow as concept to shoot, through post production. It’s an interesting look at a creative process, and check out the video right below.



You can find out more about the two artists here, and more about TEN and Fotolia here.

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