Words Every Client Will Say

If you have ever taken an initial meeting with prospective clients, then chances are you’ve heard them utter something like this: “We’re awkward, but we want to be natural, fun, and romantic,” or in other words, “We are not professional models, but we want to look great, and we want our photos to look authentic.” Your job as a photographer is to assure them that you can make them look great, and then, of course, deliver images that meet or exceed their expectations. But how do you do this?


The Power of Foundation Posing

After analyzing poses in thousands of images, we found that the majority of the poses grew out of five basic positions of the feet and body. From these foundation poses, you can make micro adjustments to create a wide variety of looks. One of the biggest benefits of using the foundation posing system with your couples is how easy it makes communicating with the couple to get into and cycle through poses.

Understanding Vs. Memorization

Problems with memorization:

  • Less spontaneity
  • Overly repetitive
  • Short-term solution, easy to forget
  • Does not address “why” a pose does or does not work
  • The process of memorization sucks

The last thing you want to do while posing your couple is to blank out and forget all the poses you tried to memorize before the session. To avoid this, use foundation posing framework and understanding of body language and nuances rather than memorization to work with clients and achieve natural looking poses.

If you understand how poses are built, then you won’t need to memorize any particular poses. Your clients will recognize your confidence, and when they see how great they look in camera, they are going to relax and enjoy spending time together rather than worrying about the session.

Purpose In Posing

Lastly, you want to bring purpose to the poses. Make sure the action matches the mood and scene you are trying to capture. It is unlikely, for example, that you would ask your couple to do a dramatic dip if you’re capturing a series of images to tell the story of having a picnic in the park. While it may seem obvious, it is important to remember to deliver coherent images that could later end up on a wall or laid out in an album.


If you follow these steps and use foundation posing to help tell your story, you will earn your clients trust and find yourself taking fun, natural, and authentic looking couples portraits.

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