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Here are the reasons why you need accounting when starting a photography business.

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  1. Robert Slippey

    Sorry if I am full of questions, however I am curious, if we would be using Quickbooks or a CRM to track expenses, what is the roll of the book keeper since we are putting everything in ourselves what is their roll? Or are we adding expenses to an “ask the accountant” account and they classify from there?

    Not trying to argue any points, I’m just trying to understand.

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  2. Robert Slippey

    Thanks Justin, I wanted to clarify that point just a bit because I’ve heard it all over the map on which way to go.  Thanks!

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  3. Robert Slippey

    I get the need for accounting but why use Quickbooks as a separate application when Táve supports expense tracking and records income? I understand QB is double entry but it feels like extra work because Táve doesn’t sync with Quickbooks so how are entries made across both system? What’s the workflow? 

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    • Justin Lin

      Hi Robert.  Great question!  For the majority of wedding studios tracking your income and expenses through Tave or other CRM will be sufficient.  

      We use quickbooks in our studio mainly because we want more detail to run analytics and more overall control.  Our CRM primarily tracks revenue and we have built the remainder of the per job expense tracking system workflow using a cloud database called Knack.  From there we are able to sync everything with quickbooks.  

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Business Course One | The Photography Business Plan