Why Do an Engagement Session | Transcription

The majority of your clients requesting couples photography are probably going to be clients that are engaged to be married. Hence, these types of shoots are often referred to as engagement sessions or E-sessions. They will yield engagement photographs. Such clients generally intend to use these engagement photos for save the date cards, invitations, websites, and of course for their keepsake value. In addition to couples getting married, there are plenty of couples that will just want a basic couples photography session. It may be to celebrate an anniversary. It might be used as a gift for their parents. It may be just for the simple reason of wanting to have nice portraits of themselves.

In general when we refer to couples photography, we’re simply talking about taking portraits with a couple as your subjects. Whether you’re shooting engagement photography, doing a couples photography session at a wedding, or simply going out to shoot a basic couples portrait session; our approach and planning for each shoot and every client is identical. From discussing the concept, to preparing a mood board, planning the locations, and eventually even doing the shoot, our approach is identical to ensure that we always deliver a consistent, personalized, and professional product.

In this first chapter, we’re going to talk through our approach and planning a couples photography session or simply the couples session, for short.