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Business Course Four | How To Book Photography Clients

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There’s a reason why it’s important to stop and breathe. 

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  1. Matt Chesebrough

    Pye, thank you so much for opening up about your story and how it evolved into the core message of your studio. I have to say, you got me, man. I cried a little at the thought of capturing those moments that might be the last time a loved one was there to share a significant event in someone’s life. 

    I took my dad on a road trip across the US after he was diagnosed with cancer. The pictures and videos we made on that trip were some of the last I have to remember him by because his health deteriorated rapidly afterward. Taking this lesson to heart, I just had the chance to take my mom on her first trip outside the US. We traveled to New Zealand for two weeks. The trip culminated in our first sky diving experience. Seeing my mom’s joy at checking off a bucket list item at 70 was unreal. We watched those videos on loop for the next several days. 

    Thank you for all the care, sweat and emotional deposits you put into each of these classes. I appreciate it very much.

    Take care and see you in the next course.


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Business Course Four | How To Book Photography Clients