What is this course about?

Our mission in our studio is consistently incredible images. To do that we need to provide our lead and second shooters with the training and education that they need to basically have a large and creative tool-kit whenever they walk into any scene and situation. When it comes to the job of photographing the groom and groomsmen this is usually a second shooters responsibility, and although there may be some leeway in the timeline where the lead can go shoot the groom, more often than not, it is up to the second shooter to get these shots.

We will be covering everything about gear, and since this is a second shooter’s guide to photographing the groom, the equipment we recommend is affordable and accessible. It isn’t always about all the fancy gear that you own, it’s how you utilize what you have to your best ability.


In terms of lighting, while we love using more advanced lighting setups, the whole goal of this course and all of the courses in our Wedding Workshop series was to make the process and system for shooting approachable. We use off camera flashes to achieve all of the images you see featured in this course and prove how simple it is to create outstanding imagery when you understand how to modify and control your light.

Lastly, this course will cover communication, an idea that often goes without recognition in photography education. Learn tips on directing and posing your subjects to get what you want out of the shot.