The Marketing Power Of Wedding Decor Photographs

More often than not, photographing wedding decor images falls under the domain of second shooters on the wedding day, but that doesn’t mean that these details are not a priority. In fact, there are several pros for capturing great wedding decor images.

Here are some of the ways in which wedding decor images can help your photography business:

  1. Attract more brides/clients
  2. Keep venues/vendors happy (networking)
  3. Build ongoing organic marketing
  4. Get published
  5. Create styled shoot opportunities

Attract More Brides/Clients With Pinboards

A “wedding decor” pinboard on Pinterest can serve as a public, online portfolio and help your detail images accomplish the goals listed above. Each image should be keyworded (using Google and/or Pinterest analytics), which will help when brides-to-be are creating moodboards on Pinterest.

Keep Venues/Vendors Happy By Tagging On Social Media

Venues and vendors may also share your images on social media sites like Instagram, which leads to more exposure. You may only have a couple hundred followers, but the venue/vendors may have tens of thousands of followers, which means your images will be seen by more people. This is why it is essential that you properly tag the venue/vendors whose location/work is featured in your wedding decor images.

Share The Right Images To Build Ongoing Organic Marketing

For marketing purposes, you should consider certain factors when deciding on which images to share. For example, in one case study, an image of chairs and a flowery altar at a ceremony site was seen by over 900,000 people across various social media platforms/accounts.

Another image, which featured the bride and groom included in the detail shot was seen by over 6.8 million people and shared more than 170,000 times. This is why we recommend that after getting your wedding decor shots, whether at the ceremony site or the reception ballroom, try to capture the couple in among the decor. This will help add great shots for client delivery, as well as vendor and social media marketing potential.

Get Published And Get Busy

Increased exposure (as mentioned above) can lead to your images getting published in a variety of online and printed publications. The increased traffic to the site based on links could also possibly result in a higher conversion rate and increased bookings for your business/studio, and may help you partner up with various vendors to create styled shoots. Styled shoots, in turn, can be used for publishing purposes as well as building your portfolio and attracting more clients.

Understand What Wedding Decor Images Won’t Get You

While wedding decor images can help your business in a number of ways, here are some of the things that shooting great decor images likely won’t get you:

  1. Wall art sales
  2. Significantly more album spreads
  3. Happy clients

Even the greatest wedding decor images are unlikely to help you increase wall art sales or add album spreads. If you consider the wall art or albums you’ve seen, there’s a good chance that any details that were included were featured more in the background of the bride and groom or their guests.

Also, while expertly shot wedding decor images might please your clients, there’s more to the images and experience you deliver that will determine whether or not your clients are happy at the end of the day. Communicating clearly with your clients so that you can deliver images that match their vision will set you apart as a photographer and lead to more opportunities to grow your business.

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Chapter One

  • 1.1 Wedding Workshop Six | Photographing The Details Trailer
  • 1.2 Introduction Purpose and Top Five Challenges of Wedding Day Details
  • 1.3 The Marketing Power Of Wedding Decor Photographs
  • 1.4 Ideal Lenses for Details
  • 1.5 Any Camera Can Tell a Story
  • 1.6 Any Light Will Do the Job
  • 1.7 Assignment: Lighting the Details
  • 1.8 Chapter One Quiz
  • Chapter Two

  • 2.1 How To Photograph Wedding Decor Under Time Constraints
  • 2.2 Before You Take A Single Shot
  • 2.3 Start By Minding The Details
  • 2.4 Anatomy Of The Details Story
  • 2.5 With Each Image, Select A Single Subject
  • 2.6 Conceal Vs. Reveal
  • 2.7 Assignment: Find Your Hero
  • 2.8 Photographing The Details: Chapter Two Quiz
  • Chapter Three

  • 3.1 "Must Have" Walk-Throughs | Wide - Setting The Scene
  • 3.2 Medium - Showing The Ceremony Heroes
  • 3.3 Tight - Revealing Ceremony Details
  • 3.4 Putting Together The Ceremony Story
  • 3.5 Wide - Setting The Reception Scene
  • 3.6 Medium - Showing The Reception Heroes
  • 3.7 Tight - Revealing The Reception Details
  • 3.8 Storytelling With Wedding Decor For Publication
  • 3.9 Assignment: Wide Reception Or Ceremony Details Shot
  • 3.10 Chapter Three Quiz
  • Chapter Four

  • 4.1 Lighting: The Goal & Approach
  • 4.2 Outdoor Ceremony Daylight | No Modification
  • 4.3 Outdoor Reception - Daylight | Reflector Pin Lighting
  • 4.4 Outdoor Reception - Daylight | Day Vs. Dusk
  • 4.5 Indoor Reception - Daylight/Ambient Mix | Balancing
  • 4.6 Indoor Reception - Moody Warm Ambient Light | Pinning With Constants
  • 4.7 Indoor Reception - Craptastic Ambient Light | Simulating Natural Light
  • 4.8 Indoor Reception - Dark Ambient Light | Flash For Bright...
  • 4.9 Indoor Reception - Bright Daylight/Ambient Mix | Pinning With...
  • 4.10 Indoor Reception - Dramatic High Color Ambient | Correcting/Pinning...
  • 4.11 Assignment: Before/After Of Bad Ambient Lighting
  • 4.12 Chapter Four Quiz
  • Chapter Five

  • 5.1 Verify Ballroom Entrance Lighting Before Shooting
  • 5.2 Backlight For Added Interest
  • 5.3 How To Create Unique Compositions With Foreground Elements
  • 5.4 Panoramic Stitch Grand Scenes
  • 5.5 Light Painting Panoramic Scenes
  • 5.6 Light Painting And Compositing To Complete A Scene
  • 5.7 Practice And Refinement
  • 5.8 Use Mirrors Wisely
  • 5.9 Remove Crappy Objects | Use Existing Light For Speed
  • 5.10 Capture The Couple
  • 5.11 Assignment: Panoramic Stitch Grand Scenes
  • 5.12 Chapter Five Quiz
  • Chapter Six

  • 6.1 General Goals With Details And Post-Production
  • 6.2 Managing Bright Lights
  • 6.3 Controlling High-Intensity Colors
  • 6.4 Use Lightroom Transform For Perfect Invitation Shapes
  • 6.5 Pano-Stitch Using Lightroom
  • 6.6 Simple Compositing To Fill Out Rooms
  • 6.7 Assignment: Controlling High-Intensity Colors
  • 6.8 Chapter Six Quiz
  • Chapter Seven

  • 7.1 Understanding The Client Coordinator And Desired Publication
  • 7.2 10 Tips For Publishing Wedding Decor Photos
  • 7.3 3 Tips For Submitting Your Photo Collection To Publications
  • 7.4 Assignment: Submit For Publication
  • Chapter Eight

  • 8.1 Constructive Critique For Wedding Decor Images
  • 8.2 What I Learned About What Went Wrong

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