Week 9 | A Little Bit of Everything

Task 1 – Reviews

As we mentioned before, positive reviews can provide a boost to local search traffic to your website. To continue building this momentum, request 3-5 more Google Reviews.  For more information, see last week’s assignment.

Task 2 – Link Building

Have you learned to love link building yet? It’s definitely in your interest to at least get comfortable with this task. Link building offers a surefire way to increase traffic to your website. That said, be sure to execute one of these five strategies this week:

  1. Vendor Networking To Build Links
  2. Guest Writing To Build Links
  3. Getting Featured To Build Links
  4. Asking for Backlinks from Charities and Clients
  5. Reviewing or Featuring Products for Backlinks

If you need more guidance, see this Link Building Page, where we discuss EACH of the above strategies.

Task 3 – Niche Page Completion

Similar to previous weeks, finish out one more niche page this week.  Still having trouble deciding which pages to create?

Here are 2 types pages that we think ALL photographers should have on their websites:

  • Favorite or Preferred Vendors – Listing vendors on your site is a great way to acknowledge those you work well with. Doing this for them will also make them more likely to return the favor and link back to your site, and could also make them more likely to recommend you to their clients. Lastly, as you continue to build your SEO, you could receive search traffic from those researching their names as well!
  • Favorite or Preferred Photography Locations – These location lists are great because they can pick up search traffic from each of the locations you mention. They also allow you to essentially “advertise” the locations you prefer, helping you control where you shoot and manage expectations.

Remember, as you finish these pages, consider the following:

  • Link to the page from a few existing pages on your website
  • Link to the page from your menu (if applicable)
  • Share your link on your Facebook Page
  • Share your link in relevant Facebook Groups (if applicable)
  • Share your link on your Linkedin Page
  • Share your link on your Twitter Handle with the appropriate hashtags
  • Share your link on your Google Maps
  • Email this link to relevant publications (if applicable)
  • Email this link in your newsletter
  • Email this link to vendors and other professionals (if content is applicable)

While each of these sharing methods may seem small, you want to maximize the chances of content discovery.

Task 4 – link building directory submissions

Finally, sign up for a FREE account on Foursquare.

Indicate Completion

Let’s see how you’re sharing your niche pages! Link to a Facebook Post, Tweet or other method that you used to share!