Week 6
All Link Building

This week, let’s focus exclusively on link building. This will be one of THE most important things you can do for your SEO.

Choose 2-3 of the following tasks to complete this week. We’re providing options because every business is different with unique strengths and opportunities in front of them. For example, guest posting is easier and faster for some than others. Getting featured in an industry online publication like a wedding blog is easier for some than others, etc. That said, be sure to focus on YOUR strengths, building links in the way that comes the most naturally to you and plays into your strengths.

For more education on link-building strategies, see this article, where discuss EACH of the strategies below.

  1. Vendor Networking To Build Links
  2. Guest Writing To Build Links
  3. Getting Featured To Build Links
  4. Asking for Backlinks from Charities and Clients
  5. Reviewing or Featuring Products for Backlinks

Any of these will take significant time, so be patient and set your expectations accordingly. Companies will take time to get back to you, and many may not reply at all. You might submit to ten wedding blogs and maybe get one published. You might reach out to five photography blogs and get a reply from one. Link building is possibly the HARDEST part of SEO, but stay positive and patient. Things will start to trickle in and you’ll learn from every rejection. Here are a few tips:

  1. Make it as easy as possible for them – If you’re submitting your images to be featured, be sure to follow their submission rules carefully.
  2. Present your clear vision – If you’re asking about writing for a photography educational blog, for example, pitch a series of ideas rather than just submitting a general inquiry.
  3. Offer them a clear benefit – If you’re asking a gear or software company to publish on their blog, give them bullet points of what you might want to say. “Here are the 5 reasons _____ is the best _____ in the industry. Would you be interested in having me writing something up for your blog?” What company would say no to that?
  4. Give to receive – If you’re asking for a link from a vendor, show them that you’re already mentioning them on your preferred vendors list for example.

Indicate Completion

Post the URL of a wedding feature, guest post, or other proof of links you’ve built.