week 5
More Pages and Link Building

Welcome to week 5!  First thing’s first, let’s see how we’re doing.

Log into your google analytics and go to Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Course/Medium -> google/organic (be sure to adjust the dates).  How did you do? Did your search traffic go up, down or stay the same?  We are still very early in our journey, so if you don’t see any improvements, do not worry.

task 1 | finish 1 More Niche Page

As you did in previous weeks, finish one more of your niche pages and give it full distribution through all of your social media and email channels.  (See week 3 for a refresher).

task 2 | Start 3-5 More Pages

Just as we did in week 2, start 3-5 more pages on your website that target niche keywords. These pages will take time to complete (likely 1-2 hours each), so we only want you to come up with the title of each page, 3-5 bullet points, and one image.  For more info, look back to week 2.

task 3 |  Link Building part 1

Sign up for FREE accounts with the following sites:

    1. Linkedin Business Page (Instructions)
    2. EZ Local
    3. Local.com

Note: All of the sites SHOULD have a free option. If they no longer do (as things change over time), please ignore and skip them.  If these are not available in your country, please search and sign up for three other directories.

task 4 | Link Building part 2

Get creative with your link building.  Every person (and every business) has different strengths, so think about your own strengths and brainstorm ways to use those strengths for link building.

For example:

  • If you’re great at writing, consider guest writing for a photography blog.
  • If you’re a wedding photographer with outstanding work, try to get featured in a bridal magazine.
  • If you’re a gear head, consider writing for the blogs of gear companies.

For more link building ideas, see our link building chapter here.

indicate completion

Comment with a couple of the pages you created to indicate completion.