Week 4
Niche Pages and Creative Link Building

Welcome to week 4!  Again, let’s start with how we’re doing.

Log into your google analytics and go to Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Course/Medium -> google/organic (be sure to adjust the dates).  How did you do? Did your search traffic go up, down or stay the same?  Hopefully the niche pages and additional links are making a small difference.  If not, let’s keep working.  We still have 2/3rds of the way to go!

Task 1 | Niche Page Completion

Last week, we finished out ONE of the niche pages.  This week, let’s finish out TWO more since, hopefully, you’re getting the hang of it.  So this week, let’s do the following:

  1. Finish out TWO MORE of niche pages
  2. Launch them on social media

Finishing Your Niche Pages

When completing a niche page, ensure that you have the following:

  1. At least 500 words
  2. At least 3 keyworded images (with unique names)
  3. Clean organization (ideally, using headers to separate major thoughts)
  4. Bullet points or Numbered lists when applicable (for organization)
  5. In-text links TO your other important pages.  Connecting up your important pages will help pass link juice between them. For example, link to the page you created last week within the content.
  6. In-text links FROM your other important pages for the same reasons as above. For example, link from the page you created last week within the content.
  7. A link TO your niche page in your menu, if applicable.  If this niche page is very important and you think it makes sense intuitively to include it in your menu, doing so should help its rankings.

Task 2 | Article Distribution

After completing your first page, distribute and drive traffic to the article by completing the following:

  1. FB Business – Post it on your Facebook Business Page with a custom caption and applicable hashtag.
  2. FB Personal (optional) – Also, consider posting to your Facebook personal page for additional reach (this is optional and depends on your own posting standards and preferences).
  3. FB Groups (optional) – Also, consider posting in groups that allow such posts to share the information you’ve created.
  4. Twitter – Post it to Twitter with a custom caption and applicable hashtag.  Remember, even if you don’t use Twitter, having an active account is still best practice.  For example, if you’re featured in a publication and that publication uses Twitter, you can be credited and tagged.  Also, some SEO experts argue that links on Twitter help your pages get indexed, so there could be actual direct SEO benefits (though many disagree).  Either way, a free account that has the possibility of helping your content get discovered is worth having.
  5. GMB  – Post it to your Google My Business Page (instructions). See the example below.
  6. Instagram (optional) – Post it to your IG stories with a “swipe up” to view the content, and/or reference the article with a regular IG post; place a link to the article in your bio and include “link in the bio” in your caption.
  7. Email – If you have a newsletter, include the link in an upcoming edition.
  8. Linkedin (optional) – If you have a Linkedin account, post the link and caption, and use related hashtags.

Task 3 | Backlink Watch

Next, let’s do a little bit of competitor creeping.  Websites like backlinkwatch.com allow you to see all (or at least most) of the backlinks flowing into a competitor’s website.  Seeing these link sources can give you valuable ideas on where you can get links to your own website.

  • Conduct a Google search for higher ranking competitors in your area
  • Go to backlinkwatch.com and input one of the URLs
  • (Optional) Copy and past the whole list into a Google Doc
  • Click on each link to analyze
  • Repeat for another competitor website

Efficiency is super important here.  You don’t want to spend more than 1-2 minutes looking at each link (or else this would take days).  As you look at the links, look at the following:

  • Is the link source spammy looking?  If so, ignore.  Keep in mind that just because your competitor has a link, doesn’t mean that you want it, too!  They could be ranking well DESPITE a few bad links.  Don’t just copy.
  • What is this competitor’s overall strategy?  Are they getting featured in magazines a lot?  Are they guest writing a lot?
  • Can you do those same things?  Can you submit to the same publications?  Can you guest write for the same blogs?
  • Can you participate in the same forums or communities? 
  • Etc.  Use your judgement and see what opportunities you can also take advantage of.

Action Step/Goal

Get at least 3-5 links back to your website this week.

indicate completion

Comment with a couple of the pages you created to indicate completion.