week 3
Niche Page Completion and Link Building Round 3

Welcome to week 3!  Again, let’s see how we’re doing.

Log into your google analytics and go to Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Course/Medium -> google/organic (be sure to adjust the dates).  How did you do? Remember, we are only in Week 3!


Last week, we started a group of niche pages.  This week, let’s do the following:

  1. Finish out one of them
  2. Launch them on social media

Finishing Your Niche Pages

When completing your niche page, ensure that you have the following:

  1. At least 500 words
  2. A few keyworded images (with unique names)
  3. Clean organization (ideally, using headers to separate major thoughts)
  4. Bullet points or Numbered lists when applicable (for organization)
  5. In-text links TO your other important pages.  Connecting up your important pages will help pass link juice between them.
  6. In-text links FROM your other important pages for the same reasons as above.
  7. A link TO your niche page in your menu, if applicable.  If this niche page is very important and you think it makes sense intuitively to include it in your menu, doing so should help its rankings.

Task 2 | article Distribution

After completing your first page, distribute and drive traffic to the article by completing the following:

  1. FB Business – Post it on your Facebook Business Page with a custom caption and applicable hashtag.
  2. FB Personal (optional) – Also, consider posting to your Facebook personal page for additional reach (this is optional and depends on your own posting standards and preferences).
  3. FB Groups (optional) – Also, consider posting in groups that allow such posts to share the information you’ve created.
  4. Twitter – Post it to Twitter with a custom caption and applicable hashtag.  Even if you don’t use Twitter, having an active account is still best practice.  For example, if you’re featured in a publication and that publication uses Twitter, you can be credited and tagged.  Also, some SEOs argue that links on Twitter help your pages get indexed, so there could be actual direct SEO benefits (though many disagree).  Either way, a free account that has the possibility of helping your content get discovered is worth having.
  5. GMB  – Post it to your Google My Business Page (instructions). See the example below.
  6. Instagram (optional) – Post it to your IG stories with a “swipe up” to view the content, and/or reference the article with a regular IG post; place a link to the article in your bio and include “link in the bio” in your caption.
  7. Email – If you have a newsletter, include the link in an upcoming edition.
  8. Linkedin (optional) – If you have a Linkedin account, post the link, caption, and use related hashtags.

Week 3 | Link Building

Here are your week two link-building assignments.

A great source of links includes vendors and other professionals.  These are event planners, makeup artists, florists, venues, stylists, designers, DJs, and more.

Your assignment this week is to reach out to at least 5 vendors to see if you can get links from them.  Of course, this has to be done with caution, as you don’t want to damage relationships or seem spammy.

Here are some options:

  • Preferred Vendors or Partner’s List – Email those with preferred vendors lists and ask if you could be placed on the list.  Of course, it helps if they are on yours, so if you don’t have one, consider creating one.  Also, be sure you’ve photographed a few events there prior to asking.
  • New Blog Entries – Does a vendor you’ve worked with have a blog?  If so, are all the events that you’ve photographed on that blog?  If not, reach out and ask them if they would like to blog that event and offer them the pictures.
  • Old Blog Entires – Also, do you see an event blogged without a link to your website?  Kindly ask for a link back when you see this happen.

Note: As you write these emails, be sure to copy them over to a doc or save them as a “canned email” that you can modify and resend periodically.  Not having to start from scratch each time will expedite the process.

indicate completion

Comment with the URL of one of your completed pages for feedback and to indicate completion.