week 2
Home Page, Niche Page Setup, and Link Building Round 2

Welcome to week 2!  First thing’s first, let’s see how we’re doing.

Log into your google analytics and go to Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Course/Medium -> google/organic (be sure to adjust the dates).  How did you do? Did your search traffic go up, down or stay the same?  We are still very early in our journey, so if you don’t see any improvements, do not worry.

task 1 | ensure that you understand keywords

Before diving into this section, please make sure you understand the concepts from Chapter 3 of the Marketing Course:

Note: You can watch them at 1.5x or 2x speed by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right of the video.

Task 2 | optimize your home page

This week, we want to set up our home page to capture search results for our primary keyword.  Let’s make sure your main keyword is included in the following places:

  1. Title of your page
  2. Text on your home page
  3. Images on your home page.

Step 1 | Include Your Main Keyword in The Title

Let’s check to see what your current title is.  Do this by following these steps:

  1. Right click on your home page and click “view page source”
  2. In the code, search for the word “Title” and see what’s in between <title> and </title>

We need to ensure that your title includes your main keyword.  Here are a few options:

  1. Your Studio Name | Your Keyword (e.g. Jon Lim Photography | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer)
  2. Your Keyword | Your Studio Name (e.g. Los Angeles Headshot Photographer | Jon Lim Photography
  3. Your Keywords Only

The format you use is your decision, however we recommend options 1 or 2.  You can also interchange the “|” with a “-” if you’d like.

To change your title, please see the following resources:

Step 2 | Include Your Main Keyword in The text

The next step is making sure you use your main keyword throughout the home page in an organic way.  Do NOT “keyword stuff” by using your keyword over and over unnaturally. For every 50-100 words, use it once; and use synonyms/related words often throughout the site as well.

Note: If your theme doesn’t support text on the home page, consider changing themes.  Or you can skip this step and move on for now.  However, it can be difficult to rank well for competitive keywords without on-page text.

Step 3 | Include Your Main Keyword in The text

Include your main keyword in the image names and alt text of your images.  Each image needs to have a unique name that uses your keywords and related keywords.  No more “IMG_0123.jpg” names!

Here are examples of image names I would include if I were a newborn photographer in New Orleans:

  • new-orleans-newborn-photographer.jpg
  • baby-photographer-new-orleans.jpg
  • photography-newborn-baby-photo.jpg

task 3 | start 2-5 pages targeting niche keywords

Under our methodology, the one key factor to increasing your search traffic to your site is content creation.

This week, I want you to start 5 pages on your website that target niche keywords. These pages will take time to complete (likely 1-2 hours each), so we only want you to come up with the title of each page, 3-5 bullet points, and 1 image. Even before you complete the pages, you should still actually publish the pages so that they start getting indexed by Google and start ranking for these keywords. Then, throughout these 12 weeks, you’ll start to complete the pages, one-by-one, linking back to them from other pages on your site, and giving them exposure on your social media.

Make them good enough so that if a client stumbles upon them, they’ll find accurate information, but minimize the time you spend on each one for now until we revisit them and build them out.

Please see our workshop page on Page Ideas Here.


Title: Hindu Wedding Photography in Los Angeles

Image name: hindu-wedding-photography-los-angeles.jpg

Content of the Page:

  • Hindu weddings in Los Angeles typically blend traditional elements with modern American traditions
  • Many of Hindu weddings include all or most of the traditional ceremonies like the Baraat, Milni, Mangalsutra. Hastmelap, Vivaah Homa, Kanya Aagaman, Kanyadaan, Ganesha Puja, Varmala and others.
  • However, they also include many American Wedding traditions like having bridesmaids and groomsmen, first dances, parent dances, cake cuttings, bouquet tosses, and more
  • If you’re interested in having us photograph your Hindu wedding, please contact us.

As a reminder, do NOT fill out the complete page.  Just lay the foundation and fill in week by week as you have time. We need to start the process of ranking TODAY, so we need to create and publish these in as little time as possible (while obviously maintaining a certain level of quality control).

task 4 | Week 2 Link Building via vendors

Here is your week 2 Link building assignment.

Sign up for FREE accounts with the following sites:

Note: All of the sites SHOULD have a free option. If they no longer do (as things change over time), please ignore and skip them.

Remember, when signing up for any of these directories/websites, make sure you use consistent NAPs (Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers) in each of your listings when applicable. For example, do not list in one directory as “XYZ photography” and in another as “XYZ wedding photography.” Slight variations could affect your Local (maps) rankings. If your business doesn’t have a physical address, some listings will allow you to use “service areas.” However, not having a physical address will prohibit you from signing up for some directories and websites in future assignments. When this is the case, you may have to skip listing in that particular directory.

indicate completion

Comment with a couple of the pages you created to indicate completion.