Week 11
Perfecting Email Templates

We are nearing the end of the 12-week program, so at this time it’s important that we start setting you up for long term success. Email templates are critical to develop and maintain because they will help you save time and make the SEO process much easier.

Create Email Templates

Create the following templates in Google Drive (or other preferred tool) so that you can simply copy and paste them into a new email each time the appropriate situation comes up.

Image Sharing and Image Use for a New Shoot – This email is to share completed images with individuals and companies involved with a new shoot. Be sure to include requirements that 1) they link over to your website if they use the images on their blog or website and that 2) they tag you on social media when they post images from the shoot.

Image Sharing and Image Use for a Prior Shoot – A separate set of emails and systems should be created to identify link building opportunities from prior shoots. Here are a few examples:

  1. If you notice that a company that was involved with a shoot has a blog but hasn’t blogged your shoot with them, send them an email to remind them that the shoot is available and ready to blog. Save that email and make it a template for future use.
  2. If you notice that a company blogged your shoot but forgot to credit you, send them an email to ask for credit.  Again, save that email and use it again when the situation arises.

Preferred Vendors List (Inform) – Create an email template to send to vendors that you include on your “preferred vendors list.”  Letting them know that you are recommending them is a great way to receive the same treatment in return.  Hopefully, this helps you get on their list as well.

Featured Vendor List (Inquire) – Create an email template that asks to be placed on a list of preferred vendors.  Of course, be selective with sending this email and reserve it for vendors you work with often.

Article pitches for Magazines – Create an email template to pitch article ideas to different photography blogs, magazines, and tutorial websites.  The more unique and specific you can be in your article pitches, the more likely they are to be accepted.

Article pitches for Company Blogs – Create an email template to pitch blog article ideas to companies.  This email should include mention of the fact that you have been using their product or service for many years and you’d love to write an article talking about how you use it in your business.

Requests for Reviews – Create a template for asking your clients to give you a review.  Make it as easy as possible for them and incorporate this email into your regular workflow.

Send Them!

The next step for this week is to actually send out a few of the templates you’ve created. Which ones you send this week is up to you.

For example, consider making a list of all of the vendors that you’ve worked with and indicate which ones have blogs.  In their blogs, search for your shared clients to see if they’ve blogged your work.  If not, send the email template you created. Or, consider making a short list of article ideas and sending them to a few photography blogs. You have a lot of options here and you can do whatever aligns with your strengths and passion!

Indicate Completion

After you’ve sent out a few emails, indicate completion to commenting with any of your thoughts or challenges you face in relation to this assignment.