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You are watching a free tutorial from Wedding Workshop One | Communication, Planning, & Happy Clients.
To view the entire course, upgrade to Premium or purchase it in the SLR Lounge Store.

You are watching a free tutorial from Wedding Workshop One | Communication, Planning, & Happy Clients.
To view the entire course, upgrade to Premium or purchase it in the SLR Lounge Store.

Welcome to the first installment of our Wedding Workshop Series | Communication, Planning, and Ecstatically Happy Clients. This portion of the series will guide you through every piece of information needed for you to create a system and framework for outstanding shoots as well as conducting successful interactions with your clients to help promote a healthy photography business.


Even when consistently delivering quality images, a successful photographer will always do more to ensure their clients an amazing experience. This workshop will teach you how to hone in on the all the necessary soft skills such as communication and understanding so that you can be fully adept at comprehending what your client’s vision is and what they’re looking for when hiring you as their photographer. We show you how to build relationships with your clients and gain their trust from that very first meeting.


Part One of this series covers all those little details that few really seem to talk about. Within this workshop, we will discuss every aspect of how to conduct an initial meeting, set up a mood board, and more. We’ll show you our framework for how to communicate with your clients not only prior to your shoots but for your actual engagement sessions, wedding day couple session, etc. Not to mention that all of these tips on communication and planning can be applied to all other genres of photography.


In addition to our video tutorials, we have included the following assets and templates for you to use in your business:

  • Our Ideal Wedding Timeline – This guide will help you communicate to your clients the ideal amount of time needed on the wedding day for their photo sessions.
  • Gear Checklists – Our checklist will help you ensure that you have everything you need before going on a shoot.
  • 12 Template Emails – These emails encompass all our communication and touch points from setting up the Initial Meeting to delivering your final images.

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    Where do we find and download the assets relating to this workshop? Thanks!

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  5. James Ogden

    So far I am really enjoying this workshop. Excellent work Pye & Team.

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    Enjoying the videos.

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    I’m with Jorge. I already own almost everything from you. I’m interested in the wedding workshop only, so not sure if it is worth the membership. Thanks.

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    • Christopher Lin

      We are releasing this workshop chapter by chapter every 1-2 weeks within our Premium Membership. One of the major advantages of a Premium Membership is first access to these new workshops. This will be available for general purchase in our store when everything is completed and released within Premium. Thanks!

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