Vision Exercise Obstacles

After seeing the words on the wall (Stop. Breathe. Etc.) and realizing the value of printed images, even after walking through the vision exercise, some clients will still struggle to realize their vision.


When asked which image they’d pay to hang on their wall, they might respond, “I don’t know.” When this happens, you can refer back to the mood board to remind them which types of images they value most. When they’ve seen the mood board images and narrowed it down again, bring it back to them and ask how they envision themselves in a similar setting, and how that might translate to a piece of wall art hanging in their home (where in the home it might hang). If they’re “between homes” and unfamiliar with their space, that doesn’t matter. They should still be able to visualize a general space (such as above their bed or in the hall) in which to hang wall art. Be comfortable with the silence that will take place while they think through their answers.


Another response might be that they don’t feel as though they’d hang pictures of themselves on the wall. This is usually because they’re thinking of close-ups, but with a reminder of wider angle shots, like epic shots, they could realize they don’t have to be as prominently featured, which might make them more comfortable with the idea of starring in a piece of wall art.


It’s important that clients realize how important it is to see the wall art every day and remember the importance of the moment with the people they love. If they do, they’ll likely worry less about appearing vain when guests visit their home.


Others still mention that they don’t have room. If they really don’t want to hang wall art, then refer to other products like albums or a boxed set of prints. Either way, walk them through the vision exercise.