Verify Ballroom Entrance Lighting Before Shooting

Lighting in a reception ballroom can quickly change, and sometimes it can change multiple times. It would be a shame to capture all of your reception details without first verifying the color with the coordinators or lighting vendors, only to have the light color change. If the light color changes after you’ve photographed the details (or even while you’re photographing them), you might not be able to use/deliver the images because they won’t be cohesive and they won’t accurately represent the event and what it was like to be there.

Make sure the light is set the way it is going to stay throughout the reception (or at least throughout the period of time that you’re photographing the details). The only time the lighting should ever change is if the coordinator wants the lighting at a different level for the details versus the grand entrance, or something similar.

Sometimes, the contrast can be quite drastic, and you don’t want to have to reshoot the details (see image above).