Did you know that your desktop background can influence the way you edit the exposure and color correction to your images? That’s why we always recommend using a neutral background.


If you look at my computer desktop you’ll notice that it’s a neutral grey with the SLRLounge logo in the center. The reason why we use nuetral backgrounds in the studio is because strong colors can bias your eyes when it comes to editing photos.

nuetral background

A good example is if you use a solid black or solid white background. These strong backgrounds can trick your eyes into thinking photos are brighter or darker than they are, which can lead to errors in exposure adjustments. Take a look at the example below, and you can see how the exposure in the 2 photos look like they have a subtle exposure difference, even though they are the same photo.

black and white bias

This doesn’t just apply to black and white backgrounds, but colors also. For example If you have a strong blue background you might color your photos more yellow than they should be. The best way to avoid re-editing photos and unnecessary exposure and color correction mistakes is to use a neutral background. We’ve included some in the Lightroom Organization and Workflow Workshop to get you started.