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Use Wedding Slideshows To Showcase Your Work On Social Media

In the world of social media, businesses need to act quickly to keep up with ever-changing marketing trends and the constant release of updated features. Although sites like Twitter and Snapchat control a large potential client audience, platforms like Facebook and Instagram currently hold the greatest marketing value for photographers, and fully utilizing their feature-sets is key. Future clientele on these social media sites need visual proof of consistent imagery to determine how dependable your photography services truly are, and a stand-alone image may not be as powerful as a wedding slideshow narrating the wedding day from start to finish.


Creating a 60 Second Slideshow

Time will always be the underlying factor or excuse made by most not to create engaging marketing material that will, in the long run, give you the clients you want, but it doesn’t have to be a time-thirsty endeavor. Animoto, an online slideshow creation service, allows us to make 60 second teaser wedding slideshows showcasing the best moments from the day, and all in about 5-10 minutes.

You can create, tailor, and download the 1080p video as an MP4, and the site lets you upload hi-res images along with a song of your choice or one in their music database. So with little time commitment you can have an all-in-one marketing and advertising tool to upload to both Facebook and Instagram.


Integrating Slideshows on Instagram

Instagram’s 15-second video length has been updated to 60-seconds of glory, no longer confining creatives from showcasing the value of their work. Below are some examples integrating these wedding slideshows on Instagram:

Notice how in both examples all the associated vendors are tagged in the caption and the image itself. Tagging vendors not only gives credit to all of those involved in making the wedding possible, but serves as a cross promotion marketing strategy. There is a high chance that the video can be reposted by a mentioned vendor, and simply showing this bit of recognition can gain you access to their social media audience as well. Geo-tagging the location and adding relevant hashtags is an extremely important step to take in order to get noticed through Instagram’s search engine.

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Integrating Slideshows on Facebook

Although Instagram limits you to a 60-second clip, Facebook allows for any duration and therefore gives you the leeway to focus on showcasing your story-telling abilities as a photographer. The same tagging philosophy applies to Facebook and holds even more value since sharing image links is more common and accessible via FB.

These 60-second slideshows help maximize your time and social media presence by providing content to prove your work ethic and artistic abilities as a photographer. To learn more quick marketing tips on how to grow your photography business check out Photography SEO and Web Marketing Book . To gain access to education like this and so much more become an SLR Lounge Premium Subscription Member here.

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