Understanding the Vision

For photographers, it is important to remember that a client’s experience should be at least as good as the images you are creating for them. For clients, when they meet with you, they should be reminded to stop and breathe, and to remember what friends, family, love, and their experiences and memories mean to them.

Capturing moments on camera to preserve memories is great, but when photos are stored digitally and never printed, they are eventually lost in the digital world. They end up on Facebook and eventually get buried under newer posts on the timeline. Think about the last time you printed a photograph. Chances are, for most people, it was a long time ago, or else it doesn’t happen often. That is why we remind clients that “life belongs in print.” This reminder, this experience of pausing to focus on the moment in order to realize what is important, needs to happen during every initial meeting with a new client.

Our goal for our clients is to invest in our artwork. As photographers, we put a lot of time and effort into creating unique and timeless images. But how do we get clients to invest, especially when we know how expensive it can be to have wall art and albums created? Throughout this course, we’ll focus on the following to help answer that question:

  • Communication (understanding the vision)
  • Shooting (executing the shoot)
  • Processing (creating the artwork)

The S3 Framework (Shooting Stories That Sell) relies on three parts: the initial consult, the photo experience, and the design consult.