Understanding The Client Coordinator And Desired Publication

Before capturing wedding decor photographs, there are many things to consider, including lighting, angles, and the post-production techniques needed to make these photos the best they can be. You should also make an effort to better understand the client, the coordinator, and the blogs/magazines/etc. in which you would like your images published.

For example, search (in Google or other search engines) for “Style Me Pretty,” and then search for “Grace Ormonde,” and view the image results that appear for each search. You will likely find two stark styles in terms of imagery style. One is carefully curated to feature soft, bright and airy images, while the other features darker, editorial-style images. If you submit bright and airy images to the publication that more often features moody editorial photos, your images will probably not get selected for publication. So, the first step is to match the look of your photographs to the publication you want to be featured in (so long as it is in line with your client’s vision).

You can ask both brides and coordinators where they would like to be published as well to get a better understanding of the style they’re looking for. Be open to catering to clients’ and coordinators’ visions to expand your presence on social media as your work will likely be shared more often. This could also potentially lead to more referrals through both sources.