Tuning into Their Vision | Part 1 | Transcription

During the wedding talk-through, one of the things I want to make sure that we’re constantly doing is tuning into their vision. Once again, we start that, as we discussed, from the E-session. We start by, “We loved the engagement session, it had so much fun, how did you like it? Anything you’d do differently? Any images that you weren’t in love with? You aren’t going to hurt my feelings, don’t worry. Let’s take a look, now, at your wedding mood board.”

During that wedding mood board conversation, we are identifying their must-haves and I’m kind of taking note of those things. We’re making sure that the must-haves don’t become a shot-list and if they put together a shot-list I will calmly and very casually explain to them that “Look guys, shots like ring shots, first kiss shots, all these types of things are things that we are actually going to photograph. You can bet your bottom dollar that when you are in your first dance, I’m not going to be eating dinner and not paying attention. I’m going to be actually photographing everything that you guys are doing. If you list out literally every single thing that I would already be doing, and give me a list of 60 items, rather than focusing on what’s in front of me, I’m going to be focusing on this list. What I would like you to do is simply give me a list of just a few things that you feel like might be missed.”

This is what I mean by that. Let’s say your mom gives you a beautiful gold pendant that you wear underneath your dress. Well, that might be missed. If you want that photographed, then maybe we get it early during prep while you’re in your robe, because that’s something that could potentially be missed. Maybe the groom has amazing socks that his dad gave to him. That is something that could potentially be missed because we’re not necessarily always photographing the groom’s socks.

We’re going to shoot the rings, we’re going to shoot your bouquet, your details, you don’t need to go onto … and this is where they go … you don’t need to go onto The Knot and download their shot-list and give that to me. That’s one of the things that we get from clients every now and then is the Knot’s shot-list. Granted, it’s great, if you’re a first time photographer, by all means, go and grab a shot-list and kind of work through and see what it takes to put together an album. With experience, a shot-list is only going to hold you back.  Make sure that you convey that to them. The must-haves should just be a few items, things that could easily be missed.

One thing that is great to have with must-haves is if there’s a specific relative that is maybe outside of … especially if a relative or a friend that’s maybe outside of the wedding party or wouldn’t normally be photographed, but they want a photograph with that person, those are good things to mention as well.

We want to tailor those expectations and that’s what that whole conversation is about.

The other thing I like to ask when it comes to their vision is, when it comes to the actual wedding venue and that location, are there specific venue locations, meaning are there specific spots at that venue that they are envisioning for certain portions of their day. For example, is there a specific place that they would like to have the first look? Are there specific locations where they would like to have couple’s photos. I say, “If not, what I’m going to do is I’m going to show up, I’m going to do my same-day location scouting before we all start. I’m going to plan out where I want to do everything, where I feel like it’s going to turn out the best based on lighting and background and so forth. I will make those decisions for you. If you have a preference, I would love to know them.”

Make sure that they understand because sometimes you’ll go and shoot a location and let’s say we’re at St. Regis and they have a beautiful staircase, but at the time that we’re shooting the staircase just has really, really bad lighting. So you decide not to shoot it. Then later on you find out that all they wanted was just photographs of the staircase and they didn’t care whatsoever about the lighting. “That’s a photographer thing!” Well, again, we’re not understanding their expectations, their needs, and their vision.

Ask questions, targeted questions that will help you to gain an understanding into their vision and how their wedding day is going to unfold.


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