Top Down Variations | Transcription

We got a beautiful shot in the last video, but I can do a quick little variation on that shot, simply by removing our wrap. Now we already have Ellie into this wonderful pose and this great scene setup, so let’s take advantage of it and get a couple of different shots as well. Now I’m simply removing the wrap and I want to get two shots with kind of two different compositions in the scene. One with the newborn offset and one with the newborn centered.

The reason I like to get that offset shot, is because with the negative space in the frame, it makes the image perfect for, say announcements or cards or anything else where parents might want to put text in that negative space area. When it would come to actually printing or framing this shot in particular, I probably would prefer that center image. Here is the shot with that offset rule of thirds composition that you see here. Here we have our centered image with a nice symmetrical composition. I also like to make sure my newborn’s fingers and toes aren’t basically fraying out, as it can kind of create a visual distraction for the viewer.

Now interestingly, we actually do this exact same thing when we shooting say, adult portraits. We try and keep the fingers together as opposed to letting them spread apart.