Top-Down Tummy Pose | Transcription

We are ready now to move into the tummy poses and tummy poses are probably some of my favorite poses for newborns. There are so many different angles, potential shots and cute variations that we can get. They are also much easier when it comes to shooting nudes because our private parts are basically automatically covered. We’re going to start with a couple of classic top down tummy poses. To refine this pose, I’m moving Ellie’s hands forward and underneath her chin. Now just a quick reminder, babies are very resilient and quite sturdy. Anyone that’s had a child probably remembers how the doctors and nurses manhandled your baby during delivery. Whenever I’m dealing with a baby’s head and neck, I’m generally trying to be overly safe and cautious. I’m very slow and deliberate when it comes to moving the head in new positions. I never try to force the neck.

This means that if the baby is tense or flexing his or her neck, you don’t just keep turning it. Wait for the newborn to relax and then turn the head into position. I know that babies are study but in addition to safety, I want to do everything possible to make sure that our newborn stays comfortably asleep while we’re posing. The first shot I’m going to take from this position is more of a side angle shot, top down, looking at the newborn’s face. This angle shows a little bit more of Ellie’s face. For the shot, I have Olivia holding the silver side fo the reflector, again in the same position, to catch the light and fill down onto the top of Ellie’s body. With a window light landing directly on Ellie’s face and the silver adding a nice soft feeling to the shadows, we get a wonderful soft look that you can see in this image. Shot on the 50mm 1.2 lens at 1/100th of a second for our shutter, F2 for our aperture and 200 ISO.

After capturing that side top down shot, I’m going to do one more slight variation on the camera angle. This time I just want to shoot a top down shot directly onto Ellie’s body. I’m not going to worry about the reflector for this shot because we’re going to be standing in that position, and with the same settings just shooting straight down on Ellie’s body. We get this image here and it does a really great job of basically showing a newborn’s body and shape. Now that we’ve got Ellie into this basic tummy pose, we’re going to keep going and get a few different easy angles and shots.