Tips on Shooting Angles | Transcription

In this video, I want to give you a few tips on a couple of camera angles and prop styles that I would typically avoid. Now first and foremost, this might be rather obvious for some of you, but you generally don’t want to shoot at an upward angle on a baby. Now shooting up on a subject is generally done to create an imposing and say authoritative or powerful feel to a subject. Now this is a feeling that we generally don’t want with babies. You want them to appear soft and gentle as they are. Not like they are super athletes or anything like that. We typically will want to shoot straight on at the newborn’s height or we want to shoot slightly at a top down angle when working with newborns. Also in line with number one, the second reason we don’t want to shoot up at a newborn is because we are shooting basically up at the newborn’s nose.

This is a very unflattering angle. Just imagine someone taking portraits of you with your head like this. Not a very good look. Next nude photos of the baby are wonderful so long as the clients are cool with doing them. These types of photos can have a beautifully soft and cute feeling to them. However, when you do shoot nude photos be sure not to capture the newborn’s private parts in the image. Nothing is going to kill the cuteness of an image like revealing far too much. Take the extra time. Use the newborn’s arms and legs and overall pose or whatever props that you might have to essentially creatively conceal any private parts.