Tips On Client Satisfaction, Reviews, & Testimonials

You’ve pulled off a successful shoot, your clients have raved about their photos, and maybe they even sent you a thank you card – then what?

Many photographers fail to capitalize on a golden opportunity to grow their online presence because they are afraid to ask for public reviews.


Remember, there is a big difference between asking for a “positive” review and asking for an “honest” review from a client who had a positive experience. Asking for and/or incentivizing a positive review is a moral and legal gray area and against the Terms of Use for many review websites.

However, asking for an honest review from the right clients is simply good online marketing and acceptable for most review websites (other than Yelp).

Straight from Wedding Workshop Part One: Communication, Planning & Happy Clients, here are four ways we request and address client reviews.

ASK THE RIGHT CLIENTS (AT THE RIGHT TIME)consumer-satisfaction-slr-lounge

Ecstatic customers are the greatest marketing asset your business, but only if you’re focusing on asking the right clients.  The best time to ask for the review is right after a positive response from your clients about the final product. During this moment of excitement and appreciation, you have the highest chance of triggering action with a simple request for an honest review.

DO NOT automate a review request in any workflows in the off chance that a client has a less than ideal experience with your company.

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USE THE RIGHT LANGUAGE & MAKE IT EASY01-client-reviews-slr-lounge

Make it easy for your clients by providing them with clear instructions and direct links to where you’d like them to leave it.  If they have to go searching for your listings, your chances of receiving that review decrease significantly.

FOCUS YOUR EFFORTSyelp-client-reviews-slr-lounge

Focus on one or two reputable sites, WeddingWire, Yelp, The Knot, Google Maps,  so you have only a couple of aggregated places to send your clients to.

ACCEPT CLIENT’S CRITIQUEclient-reviews-slr-lounge

If you get a dissatisfied client, remember that their critique comes from a place of truth. It may not be entirely your fault. However, it may be tied to an area where we can improve the process or our communication. In order to ensure positive client reviews, you have to be willing to improve your own process. Accepting and adapting your process is the key difference between a thriving business and one struggling to survive. In the Wedding Workshop series, we highlight how important it is to set the right expectations, tailor client’s expectations and then exceed all expectations.

 ADDRESS CONCERNS & RESOLVE01-customer-satisfaction-slr-lounge

Addressing clients’ critique is important to the future of your business. You can still ensure a positive stellar customer experience in how you react to the critique. Instead of arguing through logistics, we surprise and delight by offering clients anything to remedy the issue even if it means a full refund. Do what it takes to solve the situation, it may be an expensive lesson but it’s a lesson that worth learning and worth incorporating into your business.


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