We went over why having Foundation Poses is essential for photographers, so now we’re going to dive into one of our four basic poses, and we call it the V-Up. The V-Up is our cornerstone of Foundation posing because many poses use it as a starting point. The V-Up can be used for both Traditional and Lifestyle portraits, and this is also the primary pose we use when we shoot friends and family around a bride and groom for weddings.



Our V-Up pose is where the shoulders of the couple touch and they bodies make a “V” hence the name V-Up. The shoulders in the back will act like a door hinge, and you can have the couple “open” and “close” depending on how close you want them to be in the pose. Here’s a top-down view of what the V-Up looks like.



The V-Up opens the door for traditional portraits, as well as endearing photos of the couple looking at each other. You can have your couple lovingly look at each other or have them both happily look at the camera. This pose works great if you want a modern portrait with the couple looking at the camera with a straight face, or you can have fun with this pose by having them laugh or kiss. There are so many great options, and you get a lot of great looks from this pose using very little directions and movement.


The great thing about our V-Up is that it’s easy and it’s a great way to start a couples portrait session. Most likely the couple’s first time taking professional photos together will be with you, and they’ll be a little nervous. It’s a great pose to start with because it’s easy for the couple to do, it doesn’t feel too unnatural or forced, and it’s a great way for the couple to get comfortable in front of the camera.