The Grand Entrance – Goals and Must Haves

Most receptions begin with a grand entrance, which typically includes a high-energy introduction for the parents of the bride and groom, as well as the bridal party and of course the newly married couple. Because they happen so quickly, grand entrances often prove challenging (but not impossible) to capture. The action unfolds rapidly and trying to light the moving subjects requires planning ahead.

One thing to remember while photographing a grand entrance is to tell the story of the action through the photos and capture more of the scene/environment. Simply photographing the bride and groom as they walk through the door, for example, neglects the (sometimes) hundreds of guests who are standing behind you, cheering on the wedding’s VIPs. The point is not to immortalize the moment they walked through the door, but rather to showcase the energy of the moment as the bride and groom are being fervently celebrated by family and friends.

Throughout this chapter, you will learn tips and techniques to capture great expressions with creative angles and perfect lighting during the grand entrance.