Most wedding photographers aim to capture important moments when covering a wedding ceremony. That is a given; however, while capturing important moments is great, it is not enough. How the moments are captured makes all the difference. To use your images to tell a stronger story, think about how to cover the ceremony from a final product standpoint. In other words, if you plan to put your images together as a cluster of wall art or in an album, there are certain things you need to build a more impactful story.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind when capturing images that tell a complete and cohesive story:

  • Angles: Wide, Medium, Tight (for every scene)
  • Subjects: Bride, Groom, Parents, VIPs
  • Moments: Expressions/Reactions
  • Consistency: Lighting/Lens + Special FX

A complete story needs the angles, subjects, and moments, while a cohesive story should be lit and shot consistently in terms of lenses and special fx.