Stretch-Knit Wrap Shot | Transcription

We’ve done a lot of nude shots and I still probably want to do one in this scene. I want to start first by adding a bit more interest by having a few more props. Now for this scene, we’re going to be using the mesh wrap that we got online from Beautiful Photo Props. Again this is a great inexpensive prop that has a whole variety of uses. My concept here is to basically use the wrap to create a little bit of interest in the scene, wrapping up and leading the viewer’s eyes up and into our newborn while it also covers her bum bum. It’s going to add a nice little bit of extra color to the scene and extra texture just adding a little bit more interest in our overall image. Just as a finishing touch, I’m going to add in our little flower band. At this point, I want to take one final shot just to make sure that I like the overall set up.

That’s what you see here and I love our shot. Now that I have everything in place, I’m simply going to turn the basket towards the window light and then perfect the placement of the wrap. As we’ve set up, Ellie’s had quite a bit of time to fall back into a deep slumber. As we turn her into the light, I’m not nearly as worried about her waking. She’s probably going to be able to stay in that deep sleep. We’ve successful turned Ellie into the light, she’s stayed completely asleep. I fixed my wrap in that same position and I have Olivia adding our silver fill in our same position. With our same camera settings we well, we have our first shot which you see here. Now notice how much better this shot looks with Ellie facing our light than compared to our test shot.

The direction of light makes a huge difference. You always want to shoot with the light working for you. For newborn sessions, you are generally going to want to face the newborn toward that main light whenever possible. You can see how much brighter that light is so you know why we waited until we were completely ready before turning her into that light. It would have been really hard for her to fall back asleep facing that really bright window light. After I get that full-length shot, I step down from my chair and get a slightly closer crop which you can see here in this image with the same camera settings. Notice how beautifully the 50mm lens sends the background into a nice blur. The wood paper truly looks like a wooden background.

Again a 50mm 1.4 lens at F2 is going to give you virtually the exact same look and effect. Don’t get hung up on the fact that we’re using a more expensive L lens. That’s the beauty in these 50mm prime lenses. A cheap 50mm prime will still give you very beautiful and professional results. I’m going to get one more shot with this set up before I move on. This time I want to get a shot of Ellie’s face as she’s sleeping. Now for this, I’m simply going to get low and we’re going to shoot with the direction of the window light capturing her face. With that we get this final image. Once we were set up, we got 3 beautiful shots in absolutely no time at all.