Start By Minding The Details

It makes sense to pay attention to the details when shooting details, but you might be surprised at how often photographers miss the little things that would have improved their photos. Here are some ways to keep the details of the details in mind when capturing them:

  1. Tidy the room
  2. Straighten the details
  3. Remove unwanted details (table numbers if not “nice,” salt & pepper shakers, etc.)
  4. Entrance lighting: If the room is too dark, try to bring the light up a bit in camera (or else properly light the scene with your own lighting equipment, whether you use flashes or constant lights). Most publications do not publish darker detail images; of course, there are always exceptions.
  5. Watch your compositions
  6. Fill the scene: Some angles work better than others for making the room appear more filled with tables, etc.

It is the photographer’s job to make sure the details look their best, for the vendors, for the couples, and for the photographer’s own reputation. Always mind the details.