Standing Posing Demo for Bride/Women

Let’s dive into female posing with standing poses. We want to always make sure we are accentuating areas of the body the bride feels most comfortable showing off, and always keeping in mind how her body and dress looks. Feminine posture will dictate how the body looks while standing so always pay attention to straightening the spine and lengthening the torso overall.


The major thing to notice is how we direct the bride by showing her how to pose, showing that we have a full understanding of how to pose the female body in a feminine and flattering way. It is easier to manipulate a pose by looking at it rather than explaining it. We see the 15 key points mentioned in the video before applied in practice here.

Another important thing to note when it comes to female posing is depth perception, things that are closer to the camera appear larger, so if your bride is settled back into her seat and sitting comfortably, her legs will most likely be closer to the camera making them appear much larger than they actually are.